Saturday, December 6, 2014

Monsters, Mutants and Manticores - 12

Why hello there Fillies and Gentlecolts.  Here's a look at what I've gotten finished of late: 

Timberwolves – Terrifying constructs formed of the natural wild magic of the forest and the earth, timberwolves are fierce and territorial creatures that guard their home-forest against creatures big or small – even those without hostile intent.  The wounds caused by timberwolf claws and teeth embed small fragments of magic that tamper with and prevent most forms of magical healing.  The wolves themselves cannot be destroyed by conventional weapons or blunt force, and fear only destructive magics and fire. 

       Oakami -- Take about 5 timberwolves apart and put them back together as one great big wolf, and you get an oakami.  These gigantic animate wooden wolf-golems can crush a pony just as easily beneath their paws as they can within their splintered maw!