Thursday, September 17, 2015

Interlocking Character Generation System v1.0

Hey there wastelanders~ 
You're in for a treat.  I've been developing this neat new method of creating a unified party of characters with interlocking backstories.  It simultaneously generates NPCs and locations to fill your wasteland with! 

I call it the ICGS.  This is the first version (That first link was a .docx;  Here is the PDF)- it'll go through its first round of testing with a group of players on Monday, but you all get a special sneak preview of the first completed version.  (Shhhh... don't tell my players!)  It's based off an interesting system used by the Smallville RPG, with some modifications and genrefication to fit the Fallout:Equestria feel.

Below is a basic flowchart of the progression through the phases, which will make more sense if you actually read through the document.  

Also, one of my more thorough editors finally got back to me with some edits on the 'final' version of the front-half of the core rulebook.  Mostly typos and clarifications, but I've fixed them and updated a PDF and a word doc version to replace what's currently posted. Expect the links to have the corrected files in the next 24 hours.  You can find a list of the corrections and changes in the changelog text file, under the link of the same name. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

September Updates

Hey There! 
Friendly system creator checking back in.  Still unemployed, but I'm now organized enough to start working again. 

System Updates:
1. Final Book, Part II -
I lost all of my monster sheet templates, completed or otherwise, when I swapped over to the new computer, so I'm working on getting one of my hard drives from the old rig interfaced as a portable to get those back.  Before I could properly back up the files, the CPU fizzled out, soo... yeah. 

The "monster manual" is the only thing that's changing significantly out of this portion of the doc other than GM reference tables and a little bit of expansion to the GM assistance section.  I'll post an incomplete version of that back half based on what I currently have in the next hour or so, since I'm apparently just bad at recovering lost sectors from my existing backups. 

2.  Roll20 - I'm looking for a few good bronies (or pegasisters, as the case may be) to create a character sheet with relevant mechanics that is usable on the popular online RPG hosting site, Roll20.  Here is a link for those of you who haven't heard of the site; basically it's a free to use GM tool for running games through the internet.  It involves some coding, which is why I've put it off. 
When this is complete, I intend to host at least one campaign on there a week. If someone was to complete this for me, I can guarantee that I would run at least a one shot and possibly a personal campaign for you and up to 3 friends. 

3.  PH is completed.   What a long, strange ride it has been.  The final adds from PH will be encompassed in the splat book, mostly because I'm working on cybernetics and vehicles there.   

4.  New work has begun on Cybernetics, Dragons, Shadow Magic and Vehicles.  I am considering adding Yaks, but frankly I'd be just as happy to say the ornery bastards were all wiped out in the megaspell exchange.  If you have any questions about these topics, feel free to drop me a line below. 

That's all I for now folks.  Thank you for your patience.