Monday, November 3, 2014

Monsters, Mutants and Manticores - 11

Preface: I should be studying for a midterm instead of posting this.  Grad level math is hard. 

Posts will continue to be inconsistent until either academic winter break or a miracle occurs.  Sorry.  I'll continue trying to do about one a week, but no promises.  Anyway, here's the thing the post is actually about:

Centaur Mk I - this is the version I had drafted a year or so ago.  It was one of the first monsters I tested out in the templates, but I'm really unhappy with how it works as outlined in the current version of the book. 

Centaur Mk II - This is the final version that I'll be putting into the book.  I may actually end up combining aspects of both templates into the final terrifying abomination - it remains to be seen.  The mk II is based more heavily on the actual encounter with the centaur in Pip's adventure and on the creatures in Fallout 3 and New Vegas - after all, we never actually find out what it was going to do to pip when it finally drew her in.  (I do like the idea of it consuming her Thing style, though.  Suitably horrific.)