Monday, May 4, 2015

Brief Update - Magic Acquisition and Sales

Hello every-being.  This isn't another monster sheets update.  Instead, I've been working on updating some other aspects of the system, including expanding the background items available and making the word document less horrible to look at. 

I've got a new editor (who, funny enough, was one of my alpha testers), who has been working on hyperlinking and breaking out sections of the original document for me - more on that in the coming weeks as it develops.

But I've also gotten some questions from a local game about magic - specifically, purchasing magic.  So I sat in front of a white board with some relatively smart bronies who've played the system and we worked out a purchasing rate for magic.
That kid with the balloon was there before I started working, I swear.

So we have a unified system of purchasing magical services now:
Assuming you can find a unicorn or alicorn who knows it to cast the spell, a single casting of any given spell has base cost of 

Strain Cost *(Spell Level4)*10 caps
(For zebra recipes, replace strain cost with ingredient rarity level and add the cost of any special ingredients)

For a (unicorn magic) talisman capable of producing that spell's effect, add 3500 caps for the use of the Talisman Creator spell and the raw materials.  Again, this assumes you can find one pony who can cast the spell and another who can obtain the necessary talisman-sized gem and cast Talisman Creator.

For teaching spells, the cost of a teacher is

(Strain Cost *(Spell Level + Level Requirement)2)*10 caps
That's the monetary cost, at least. It doesn't factor in precursor spells; you need to have already learned those to learn a spell anyway. But remember: learning spells also takes time.

With a competent teacher, you can learn a spell well enough to cast it on your own after
(Spell Level + Strain Cost)^2 hours.

That works for zebra magic too; recipes can be learned from teachers in (Spell Level +Ingredient Level)^2 hours, assuming the special ingredients, if any, are readily available.  If they're not available, good luck learning the recipe! (That would make for a pretty good fetch-quest, I think...)

That's all for now.  With luck, I'll be posting again before the end of the month.  Without it... well, wish me luck.