Thursday, November 26, 2015

Life Update

Hey y'all!

Update on why I've been a little inactive these last 8ish weeks:

About 7 weeks ago went and landed a dream job working as an Engineer for a company that I've been admiring the work of for over half a decade.  It's a dream job in the sense that the pay and the work are both awesome and I'm very well qualified for the position, but the down-side is that it's an hour commute from where I'm living right now, to and from.  That means I spend 11ish hours a day at or in transit to work, and only have about 5 hours free time, minus any time spent doing things like preparing food, eating, personal hygiene, and trying to maintain my social networks so that my friends don't think I've died mysteriously. 

This is sort of making it hard to work on system updates.  More so when I already have time commitments to a game that I'm running and two other games I'm playing in.  I'm still working, but progress has been... less than satisfactory. 

Just trying to keep you guys in the loop.  I've only finished one enemy template this past month: