Monday, November 11, 2013

Status Update: Almost There!

Sorry to keep you all waiting... just a little bit longer now. I've got almost all of the pre-generated example characters finished, but it's taking me a lot longer than expected. The only four left to do are Flare (of FoE Heroes), Blackjack/Security, Calamity Leaf, and Velvet Remedy. The new version has many, many explanatory clarifiers and lots of balancing tweaks, and I fear my ability to include corrections has lagged behind my implementation. This is my first Quarter as a master's student and it's been kickin' my hind-quarters something fierce, so I can't give a concrete date on the release. That being said, if you leave a question in any place I can see it (including the comments, facebook group, Skype, or my e-mail), I can promise you an explanation and hopefully provide some clarity as to why a thing is the way it is, for those who want to know. Also, I'm looking forward to a partnership with an awesome artist who has spoken to me, interested in drawing art for the final version of the rules. I can't promise anything, but I think pretty pictures of post-apocalyptic ponies would spruce it up a bit, don't you? More on that as it develops.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Busy busy busy!

Hello there followers and watchers. I haven’t been able to post here lately because of an issue I keep having with blogspot’s internal post writing template. I’ve submitted a problem report, but I’m honestly not sure why it keeps happening. Editing in the HTML directly seems to allow me to bypass the error, but I only discovered this today. Anyway, I’ve continued to work on the system, overhauling and balancing things. Next update will have a slight modification to the character sheet, in addition to balancing tweaks made to 90% of the perks list, about 30% of the traits and hindrances, and the level 15 character examples. I’m about 70% done with the character examples at current due to unexpected delays. Also, I'm working with my so-far most reliable contact to get monster examples completed, though it looks like they'll be delayed significantly. This is the same wonderful human being who made publishing the spell lists possible, so I'm fairly optimistic. Personal whining follows: I wish it were easier for me to find level progressions for all of the characters in other peoples’ stories! Protagonists are easy enough, but the support characters often seem to lack a solid character progression that I can map out. Personal whining ends. Here’s a peek at the new sheet!
The only change made was the removal of the % hit penalty section. This was done for simplifying reasons; the % hit chance modifying hindrances and traits have been altered to provide a bonus (or penalty, as appropriate) to dodge rolls instead. This new sheet will be released (in the normal pdf and pub formats) alongside the upcoming update... when I finally made the goal I set for it. Setbacks have been significant. Bear with me people, I’m gonna get this finished if it kills me. This system has eaten more of my love than a starved changeling. Pinkie Promise.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Interested in seeing how the game is played?

Hey There!

Running what will probably be the last open-session while the rules are still in beta this coming weekend at PolyCon.  Polycon is a small gaming convention hosted at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, predominantly student (and ex-student)-run and organized. 

If you're in the California mid-state area, come on by and check it out!

If you're not in town, I'll be updating with 1.22 by mid to late July.  1.24 is still planned to be the final version before I finish this thing for good (besides maybe just grammar editing), so expect some sweeping edits in the meanwhile. 

When I release v1.22, I'm tentatively planning on starting a roll20 game for 4-5 players.  These players will have the privilege of testing out the new Dragon and Changeling racial rules that I'm working on (with some help) for the second book, as well as a slew of cool post-apocalyptic weapons suggested by my current players or drawn from Metro:2033 and Metro: Last Light.  If you're interested, drop me a comment or an e-mail.  I'll try to let you know if things fill up too fast. 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Version 1.21 Finally up!


Two weeks.
Two long weeks, Wastelanders, since the promised deadlines were missed. 
But cheer up, everypony, the CARAVANS ARE COMIN'!

Here's the new version as a word document, fresh off the presses:

Note the huge size increase in the document.  Will compress pictures in the near future for ease of use, but it's increased in size by about another 50 pages.  The full doc looks like it might go all the way out past 550! Wow, I never imagined this project would get so large. 

...and with it, a nifty addition for characters who can't fit it all on their sheet:

The Changelog has been updated appropriately. See below.

New to v1.21
- Moved attributes ahead of hindrances and traits (for logical reasons)
- Moved Filling out your Character sheet near the beginning of the character creation section (for logical reasons)
- Racial Summary Sheet (Yeah, completely reworked the entire opening chapter.  I guess I really love changing page numbers in the ToC.)
- Racial overhauls for balance.  All non-magic races got buffed like whoa.  Female minotaurs don't have horns. 
- SERIOUS explosives and AOE damage overhaul.
- Stealth Field Overhaul (Making it easier to use, hopefully)
- Character Sheet Update
- Update the Character Sheet Guide pictures to match the Mk XIII sheet. 
- Dying of teleportation shunting
- Disabling Machines
- Buffs to shock, electricity and fire effects. 
- Changed linked skill penalties to +/- 5 per attribute point instead of +/- 3. 
- Finishing up Diseases!
- Overhauls and adds to the spells list
- Perk Adds/Mods (limiting intense Training to five), Scent, Can you Do that?
- A few weapons were modified to improve their effectiveness or clarity. 
- Additional Explanation added to Ghoul/Alicorn radiation dependency.
- Aerial Maneuvers Section added
- Making BBEGs added to the Gm's guide.  What a large oversight that was.
- CYOC Template (Create your own Creature!)
- First Monster Stat block - Protectapony. 
- (only in word doc) Added character sheet supplement

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Blog Formatting Update

Hello There!

I can confirm a release date of next week for the great big update - I'm so excited to finally get this one out!  But that's not why I'm posting.

The blog has been reformatted to look better.  Special thanks to Glitcher007, who allowed the use of his Ministry of Awesome background.  You should all go and give his DeviantArt a look see, if you haven't already. 

Significant updates are now included (that I was going to push off) to One Trick Pony for both Unicorns and Zebras to make Little Pip's antics make a bit more sense.  I also added or modified a couple of perks based on playtester suggestions and the new PH update, so characters can take "Scent" as a perk. 

Need to go and put monsters into a template so they look nice and usable for y'all, so I'll wrap this up.  Changelog will be posted after I've locked down everything finally, probably by  this Friday.  Carry on, wastelanders!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Character Sheet Updates/Status update

Hey there, Internet!

Sorry for the delay, but this isn't the final update. 

When the final update DOES come, it'll be a HUGE one - lots of revamps planned, and quite a lot of new content added in multiple sections as well as substantial edits to organization to help first time gamers get their game on easier.  (This is the largest gap I've had between updates since I started this project!) At current, however, I'm waiting on deliverables from a few of my helpers, including a very substantial amount of Flight Maneuvers (Mister Swiftmane, I'm lookin' at you!).  And people tell me to delegate more...

What this is, however, is a character sheet update.  The "Mark-Thirteen" character sheet  and its rainbow-connection equivalent have been posted to the links page.  The old outdated ones are no longer available (sorry!). 

The new sheet streamlines the armor diagram, replaces the old attribute roll penalties with (less severe) temporary attribute penalties, and makes the weapons information box sync more easily with the document weapons listed tables. 

Enjoy!  Hopefully I can get 1.21 out by Easter for your viewing pleasure.  If you're interested in seeing a preview of the unfinished new version, you can contact me through this blog (or on DeviantArt, if you found me through there.) 

Stay Classy, Equestrian Wasteland.