Monday, October 12, 2015

Maintenance Update

Hey there!
Nothing big to post.  I should have finally gotten around to fixing that word doc link to the first half of the core rule book.  No idea what was wrong, so I just re-linked a new version of the doc with some clarifications and typo fixes.  Should be working now?

Working alphabetically down my list, my priority things to work on are:

Generic NPCs:
> Caravan Guard
> Caravan Guard Pegasus
> Crusader
> Settlement Militia
> Tribal Chief
> Tribal Warrior
> Wasteland Merchant

> Hellhound Digger
> Hellhound Guard
> Hellhound Sniper

> Changeling Stalker
> Enclave Shadowbolt

> Applebug (Mostly done)
> Barricade Bark
> Delicious Fruit Tree
> Killing Joke (Mostly done)
> Moss Ponies
> Needle Pines
> Splinterwolf (Mostly done)
> Zap Apple Bomber
> Steel Ranger Paladin
> Steel Ranger Star Paladin

> Brain Bot (Robo Brain)
> Mister Gutsy
> Mister Handy
> Ponitron (Securitron)

> Slave
> Slaver Boss (Mostly done)
> Slaver Lt.
> Slaver Grunt (Mostly done)
> Slaver Smooth Talker (Based off of a few MN7 characters of note)
> Slaver Visionary (Based off Red Eye and Protege)

> Nightstalker
> Scorposprite

> Zebra Remnant Legion Hunter
> Zebra Remnant Legion Soldier
> Zebra Remnant Legion Technician

But I did just get a call back for an interview... so I'm prioritizing that instead.  This doesn't pay the bills, after all.