Wednesday, March 29, 2017

2017 Update: Quarterly Update Schedule Pending Further Changes.

Heya.  Not dead, but working on developing a LARP system (more on that as it develops - it's not related to ponies, sadly) has eaten my very small amounts of free time.  Much of my work here was sidelined as a result.  For that, and for my lack of updates, I apologize.

I can't say much about the system I'm working on instead of this one - I can say that it's a science fiction setting, and that I was brought on board to handle the nitty gritty of the system mechanics in part because of my work on this system, but otherwise I'm pretty much under an NDA.  I'm excited for the opportunity, since this is going to be something I can actually make money off of.   

Downside: This system is just no longer able to be a priority, especially since all the people fell out of playing the campaign I was running to test new mechanics.  I haven't even played a tabletop in nearly 6 months, and I've gone through withdrawal and been spit out the far side.  That (and my person being burnt out and sleep deprived) is why updates stopped right after they were going to start again. 

Sorry everyone. 

I will at least try to finish off the core book's monster manual before I stop working on this for good.  Should be able to put something out today or tomorrow, unless my larp co-conspirators want me to work something out. 

It's not "see you next time space cowboy" time yet.  My progress is just... very slow.  


  1. I'm sorry to see you ending this project(after your final update that is), but I understand wanting to work on other things.

    I had read a post in the forum about going open-source. I hope you decide to do that, then the game could continue to evolve.

    Thank you for making this system, and I wish you well in your future endeavors.

  2. Well not exactly a surprise it is saddening. Me and my friends have been using the system for roughly 6 years non stop and we always savored these updates. But all good things move on I suppose...

    Though I will admit I am happy that at least you're still looking at this every now and again still. Maybe one day when your LARP system is done you can come back stronger than ever but for now it's understandable if it's a back burner thing.

    P.S. if you ever need people to test out mechanics my group can certainly help xD

  3. I have been using this system like crazy, for many many campaigns. I guess I will have to work on my own version of book 2, since I have both changelings, dragons and crystal ponies in my campaign at the moment, but was pending their character sheets finishing until we had a rulebook. I completely get you moving on, and will still check her occasionally, hoping to see an update, but understand its not a priority anymore. If you ever want me to run a campaign to test mechanics, we play DAILY, and have tested your systems mechanics like Crazy! We run a variant of Corruption of Champions using your system as a base, and have had to heavily modify parts of your system to allow for varying body parts, as well as a version of Taints in Tainted Space, that deals with cybernetics that aren't out yet, and ships, and vehicles.

    My google is connected to my name, so contact me there. I can invite you to a game server on Discord and show you what we have been working on. We even have custom character sheets. Like this one.

    1. Hahaha I know what you mean this system is almost apart of my life now xD

      Also there is the manual Core Book 2 that was partially finished here:

      This has the changeling and Dragons done actually. Dragons are madness early game. Madness!

      Also glad to see you found the forums xD I'm on there quite a bit...

  4. i have a bit of an issue. you replaced big guns with battlesaddles. are the rules with those the same as they are for big guns? or are they different in any way?

    1. I'm not sure to what you are referring. Has there been an unmarked update to the rulebook?

    2. Big guns are still their own separate thing. They usually gotta be mounted on a battle saddle but there's other ways to use em including mouth wield and telekinesis. If u have any questions hop on the forum and i can explain further

  5. If you ever come back and check these comments, Archer, I would like to get into direct contact with you about the future of this system, and how I can help. I don't know if there's a better way to reach you, I know you said you couldn't get back into the email address.

  6. Well if you ever need another player to help test out the mechanics just let me know, as I've been honestly hoping to roleplay the system for quite a while but haven't had anyone willing to run it.

  7. thanks make me clearly, i agree all in this post, very helpful. thanks!