Thursday, February 28, 2013

Character Sheet Updates/Status update

Hey there, Internet!

Sorry for the delay, but this isn't the final update. 

When the final update DOES come, it'll be a HUGE one - lots of revamps planned, and quite a lot of new content added in multiple sections as well as substantial edits to organization to help first time gamers get their game on easier.  (This is the largest gap I've had between updates since I started this project!) At current, however, I'm waiting on deliverables from a few of my helpers, including a very substantial amount of Flight Maneuvers (Mister Swiftmane, I'm lookin' at you!).  And people tell me to delegate more...

What this is, however, is a character sheet update.  The "Mark-Thirteen" character sheet  and its rainbow-connection equivalent have been posted to the links page.  The old outdated ones are no longer available (sorry!). 

The new sheet streamlines the armor diagram, replaces the old attribute roll penalties with (less severe) temporary attribute penalties, and makes the weapons information box sync more easily with the document weapons listed tables. 

Enjoy!  Hopefully I can get 1.21 out by Easter for your viewing pleasure.  If you're interested in seeing a preview of the unfinished new version, you can contact me through this blog (or on DeviantArt, if you found me through there.) 

Stay Classy, Equestrian Wasteland.

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