Saturday, February 22, 2014

Version 1.22[20] Posted!

Hey There Wastelanders Life is pretty rough on me right now in terms of time I can spend working on this, but I can't wait any more. Here's version 1.22, pre-editing. I'll have a finalized and edited version for y'all by tomorrow... hopefully... but this includes a whole slew of rules doc updates, fixes, and new content. Pregen characters are done, and there are some more monster sheets too! Here's the file link - Sorry, it's still only a word doc, and I know the ToC page numbers after page 150 are just wrong. The wait was killing me! More frequent updates to follow when my classes stop kicking me so hard.


  1. "Sorry, we are unable to generate a view of the document at this time. Please try again later."

    Dang, i got excited too xD

    1. Even if you cant preview it in there, usually because the docs for this thing are giant, you can still download it to view it.

  2. Also under Unicorn Spells the spell "Double Team" does not actually have a description, could you add it in?

    I'll post more if there are other spells I notice missing

    1. Double Team – Make your opponents think that you’re somewhere you aren’t! This spell provides an excellent trick for the savvy unicorn who likes to avoid being shot. With a little bit of magical light deflection and reflection, you can convince an opponent that you’re actually in two (or more!) places at once). When cast, the caster may pick up to INT/3 targets. As long as this spell is maintained, the caster is granted a free dodge roll against any attack made by their selected targets; if they prefer, they may roll Luck instead of agility or an appropriate skill to dodge. Each layer of overglow channeled into the spell can be used to either grant a 1 MFD step bonus to the spell’s provided dodge rolls or to affect an additional target. Maintaining this spell after it is cast costs 1 strain per dodge attempt granted. This spell can be cast as a dodge action in combat, in which case it immediately grants the caster a first attempt to dodge at no additional cost.

      Possible Precursors: Double Vision, Greater Projected Image
      Precursor to: Physical Illusion
      SATS Cost: --
      Strain Cost: Medium
      Requirements: Level 20, Double Vision or Greater Projected Image.

      Also added Double Team as a possible lead-in to Physical Illusion. :)

    2. Hi there found another one for you! This time in the Zebra magic section, it says that on page 323 the Talisman spell "Dowsing Rod" is well, a Talisman based spell, but then on page 325 it says the school is "Alchemy".

      Which is one correct? I'm guessing the talisman one, but figured I'd throw you a word about it

    3. Okay I'm going through Zebra stuff now so I'll just put it all into one post:

      Light Talisman: Another spell in the list that says it's a Talisman but in the description says Alchemy.

      Wolf's Bane: Missing from the Spell List entirely, is in the spell description

      Fire Extinguisher: Missing from the Spell List entirely, is in the spell description

      Inextinguishable Flame: Missing from the spell list entirely, is in the spell description

      Mint-Als: Missing from the spell list entirely, is in the spell description

      Amulet of Amplification: Missing from the spell list entirely, is in the spell description

      Levitation Talisman: Missing from the spell list entirely, is in the spell description

      Uhhh all i found for now. Sorry :P Hope it helps anyways

    4. I *think* I've caught all of these now, will need to double check.

  3. Whoops! The description got deleted. I'll add it in ASAP.

    1. Thank you kindly! I can't imagine how hard putting all this together is so missing one spell description out of the whole thing is not the end of the world xD

      Also I do realize that we're gonna be waiting on the PDF for a while (not a big deal in my books) but out of curiosity will you be making a changelog for this update? Because I have to admit chasing down every change is a challenge xD

  4. Can't wait to let the GM know that this is out now! He's gonna be very happy, and I think so are the rest of the people in our group! Thank you for all the work you've been putting into this!