Monday, November 11, 2013

Status Update: Almost There!

Sorry to keep you all waiting... just a little bit longer now. I've got almost all of the pre-generated example characters finished, but it's taking me a lot longer than expected. The only four left to do are Flare (of FoE Heroes), Blackjack/Security, Calamity Leaf, and Velvet Remedy. The new version has many, many explanatory clarifiers and lots of balancing tweaks, and I fear my ability to include corrections has lagged behind my implementation. This is my first Quarter as a master's student and it's been kickin' my hind-quarters something fierce, so I can't give a concrete date on the release. That being said, if you leave a question in any place I can see it (including the comments, facebook group, Skype, or my e-mail), I can promise you an explanation and hopefully provide some clarity as to why a thing is the way it is, for those who want to know. Also, I'm looking forward to a partnership with an awesome artist who has spoken to me, interested in drawing art for the final version of the rules. I can't promise anything, but I think pretty pictures of post-apocalyptic ponies would spruce it up a bit, don't you? More on that as it develops.


  1. I was just wondering if there is going to be a book 2 for Shadow Magic or not, as a friend of mine is interested in playing a Batpony, and wants to know more Shadow Magic. He said that there was more about it in "Book 2"?

    1. There will definitely be an expanded shadow magic section in the second book. The current list has over 40 different spells, all of which have a very different feel than what we've seen so far in unicorn/alicorn and zebra magic.

  2. I have a small group i am going to be GMing for, and they are not too interested in waiting for things xD
    Shadow magic would help signifigantly with my character, and later parts of the story i have planned out, so i was wondering if you could email me just that portion of book two to help us out? it would be greatly appreciated.

  3. What I have is just a list of spell names right now with nothing else written out. I can send you that if you want? I was working on cybernetics, dragons and changelings first.

  4. I can wait, by the time our adventure gets to the point where i will need the shadow magic in the story, you should be done with that, i wont need it until way later and our group is just finishing making characters and finalizing times when we will play.

    The work you are putting into this is amazing, i can't think to say anything but nice work on it :D

  5. D'aww, Shucks. Thank you! This is a labor of love for me, and it really makes my day when I find out that other people are able to enjoy what I've been putting all this work into.