Monday, July 14, 2014

Hello, Ponies from EQD!

Hey, that's neat.  Based on my traffic monitor, apparently my blog has been linked by EQD!

So yeah, apparently I'm listed in the Equestria Daily Gaming Index as of some time in the last three months.  I was never notified about it in any capacity, just sort of started getting traffic hits from that page about two and a half months ago.  Didn't actually track it directly until these last few weeks when I was buckling down to finish the core. 

My RPG is listed second from the top of the "D100 (percentile dice) based:" category under the Complete Games heading, directly below the savage-worlds based PNP Fallout Equestria system.
(Ctrl+F "d100" will take you right there, since the page is sort of long). 

(And directly above a system that, not to be mean, makes me sort of laugh and cry simultaneously every time I look at its rules document.  Seriously, that poor person or persons who are responsible for that thing really ought to take it down... it's just not playable.  I should know, I tried.)

Dunno when that happened, but thanks for stopping by, EQD people.  I won't let my Trixie-based recognition go to my head.  :)

Drop me a line if you see something you've got questions about!


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