Monday, September 8, 2014

Monsters and Mutants and Manticores, Oh My: Entry 1

In my ongoing, slow-going quest to finish up the first book, I've started working more and more on the monster template sheets.  I use the word monster here loosely, of course - I'll be making sheets for Zebra, Ponies, Ghouls, Alicorns and many of the other strange fauna that inhabit the radioactive wasteland of Fallout Equestria before I'm done here and can truly buckle down and focus on the second book and its dark and foreboding secrets. 

So this post is a promise, both to myself and to you, post-apocalyptic pony fans:  For the next two weeks, and for as long after that as I can manage, I will be posting one new critter sheet a day, every weekday. 

Look forward to it!  Today's post: Dogs. 

Dog – Mare’s best friend, in spite of what the jewelry companies might want you to think.  Dogs survived the wars hiding out in primarily the same way as ponies – in stables.  There were at least two stables that were specifically designated to allow pets.  Many dogs actually survived with ponies in other ways as well – in tunnels, caverns, and other fallout shelters that weathered both the blast and the following… well, fallout. 
Many packs of wild dogs, the descendants of those whose owners died in the wasteland or who simply abandoned them to fend for themselves when the end came, still roam the wasteland today.   

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