Friday, March 29, 2013

Version 1.21 Finally up!


Two weeks.
Two long weeks, Wastelanders, since the promised deadlines were missed. 
But cheer up, everypony, the CARAVANS ARE COMIN'!

Here's the new version as a word document, fresh off the presses:

Note the huge size increase in the document.  Will compress pictures in the near future for ease of use, but it's increased in size by about another 50 pages.  The full doc looks like it might go all the way out past 550! Wow, I never imagined this project would get so large. 

...and with it, a nifty addition for characters who can't fit it all on their sheet:

The Changelog has been updated appropriately. See below.

New to v1.21
- Moved attributes ahead of hindrances and traits (for logical reasons)
- Moved Filling out your Character sheet near the beginning of the character creation section (for logical reasons)
- Racial Summary Sheet (Yeah, completely reworked the entire opening chapter.  I guess I really love changing page numbers in the ToC.)
- Racial overhauls for balance.  All non-magic races got buffed like whoa.  Female minotaurs don't have horns. 
- SERIOUS explosives and AOE damage overhaul.
- Stealth Field Overhaul (Making it easier to use, hopefully)
- Character Sheet Update
- Update the Character Sheet Guide pictures to match the Mk XIII sheet. 
- Dying of teleportation shunting
- Disabling Machines
- Buffs to shock, electricity and fire effects. 
- Changed linked skill penalties to +/- 5 per attribute point instead of +/- 3. 
- Finishing up Diseases!
- Overhauls and adds to the spells list
- Perk Adds/Mods (limiting intense Training to five), Scent, Can you Do that?
- A few weapons were modified to improve their effectiveness or clarity. 
- Additional Explanation added to Ghoul/Alicorn radiation dependency.
- Aerial Maneuvers Section added
- Making BBEGs added to the Gm's guide.  What a large oversight that was.
- CYOC Template (Create your own Creature!)
- First Monster Stat block - Protectapony. 
- (only in word doc) Added character sheet supplement

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  1. version 1.21 can't be accessed right now... any thoughts on why?