Saturday, August 17, 2013

Busy busy busy!

Hello there followers and watchers. I haven’t been able to post here lately because of an issue I keep having with blogspot’s internal post writing template. I’ve submitted a problem report, but I’m honestly not sure why it keeps happening. Editing in the HTML directly seems to allow me to bypass the error, but I only discovered this today. Anyway, I’ve continued to work on the system, overhauling and balancing things. Next update will have a slight modification to the character sheet, in addition to balancing tweaks made to 90% of the perks list, about 30% of the traits and hindrances, and the level 15 character examples. I’m about 70% done with the character examples at current due to unexpected delays. Also, I'm working with my so-far most reliable contact to get monster examples completed, though it looks like they'll be delayed significantly. This is the same wonderful human being who made publishing the spell lists possible, so I'm fairly optimistic. Personal whining follows: I wish it were easier for me to find level progressions for all of the characters in other peoples’ stories! Protagonists are easy enough, but the support characters often seem to lack a solid character progression that I can map out. Personal whining ends. Here’s a peek at the new sheet!
The only change made was the removal of the % hit penalty section. This was done for simplifying reasons; the % hit chance modifying hindrances and traits have been altered to provide a bonus (or penalty, as appropriate) to dodge rolls instead. This new sheet will be released (in the normal pdf and pub formats) alongside the upcoming update... when I finally made the goal I set for it. Setbacks have been significant. Bear with me people, I’m gonna get this finished if it kills me. This system has eaten more of my love than a starved changeling. Pinkie Promise.

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