Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Monsters and Mutants and Manticores, Oh My 3

Today's edition is brought to you by Floreal Shampoo, the only shampoo designed for use on manes AND coats that is totally tear free! No more worrying about making Fluttershy cry when you try to wash out that animal friendly smell. 

Floreal:  Because you're a pony.

Today's critter: Mirelurks! 

Mirelurks – The mutated descendants of the horseshoe crabs that frequented the coastline of Equestria before the war.  Mirelurks are actually quite advanced, and have developed societies of their own since their accidental uplift by way of balefire holocaust.  They are extremely territorial and defensive of their settlements, and are aggressive to anything that enters their domain or their young.  Their tough outer carapace makes them very difficult to take down using conventional munitions, though experienced mirelurk hunters know to aim for the unarmored face to take one down with a minimum of fuss.